Nonlinear Narrative in Fallout 2 (published version, March 2019)

This Twine Game that allows the user to play through a critical discussion of Fallout 2 based on digital and new media theory.

Retelling The Tell-Tale Heart - August 2018

This game is designed to retell Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" as an interactive narrative, and serves as an updated version of the original InkleWriter project I created in Spring 2017. The game can be played without being familiar with Poe's short story, though it contains a special hidden ending for players who follow the story's original plot. This game is also designed to demonstrate what is possible with the Ink coding language and Inky editor.

Retelling the Tell-Tale Heart: Installation Version - Spring 2018

This art installation is a interactive audio and touch based game that recreates Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." It is based on the previous project I created in Spring 2017.

Grad Student Simulator - Fall 2017

This Ren'Py game is a short visual novel in which the player offers advice to a grad student friend. It also acts a demonstration of my image editing skills.

Retelling The Tell-Tale Heart - Spring 2017 (May no longer available)

This transmedia project is designed to retell Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" as an interactive narrative. While it assumes the reader is familiar with the original short story, familiarity is not strictly required. Note that InkleWriter has shut down, so this project may no longer work properly; a new version built in the Ink coding language can be found above.

Fallout Character Database - Fall 2016

This project provides a database to store narrative information about characters from the Fallout video game universe.