I am a PhD Candidate in the University of Central Florida's Texts and Technology program. I study video games, digital media, Writing Across the Curriculum, and critical theory. I am particularly interested in scholarship that explores connections between these areas. In my dissertation, I explore the intersection between narrative, critical theory, and teaching. I am also building a game to demonstrate how games can teach these concepts.

I am currently the Deputy Assistant Director of the University of Central Florida's Games and Interactive Media Program. I am also a full-time game design instructor in the program. I have over 9 years of teaching experience at the college level, and have also worked in writing centers and as a substitute teacher. I taught English full-time at the college level for five and a half years while working on my PhD coursework, and started in August 2018 as a full-time Games and Interactive Media instructor at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

I conduct scholarly work that bridges my various research interests as well as my teaching, exploring connections between the two and allowing them to inform one another. I have frequently found that lessons I learn from teaching my students benefits my scholarly work and try to find ways to bring the critical and theoretical concepts that I encounter in my coursework into the classroom. I believe that games can be a particularly effective way to explore critical concepts, and hope to expand on the idea of "critical playing" as a mode of theoretical practice.


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